“It can be really hard to wrap your head around the idea that everything, everything in your life, is a reflection of your thinking.”

Yet in this universe of ideas, this is the base, the idea of ideas. We humans are busy projecting our ideas out into the common areas of physical existence and are generally too involved with our experiences to even consider thought as the cause of them. But thoughts are included in the most basic law of metaphysics, that similar energies, including thoughts and ideas, are attracted to each other. And this causes things to happen.

Ideas are amassed thoughts, thoughts that have been personally curated to combine and present a specific whole, something relatively new or unusual or even unique. Ideas are commingled thoughts that now acquire identity and, in the forum and battleground of the mind, they attract and combine with other, similar ideas from both self and others. These ideas and thoughts tend to continue their energetic movement, out from the self into exterior reality as creative expressions of every kind.

Underlying the entire physical universe — from the strange microbial life discovered in oceans’ depths to the thousands-years-old cypress and redwood trees found across the world, from the bees and weeds in your garden to the beautiful child you once were, and from the pyramids and ancient cities of lost civilizations to the Moon lander and the astronauts in it — fundamental to it all is intelligence. Energy itself, vibrating and forming all physical elements, everything we know as physical, expresses design and structure, expresses as intelligence. Everything, including life itself, including you yourself, even your thoughts, comes from intelligent energy, expressed in seemingly infinite ways. Metaphysics grapples to understand this concept and put to at least part of it to practical use.

Within this enormous, constant, universal flow of energy, thoughts direct and focus some of it, and just as energy at subatomic levels resolves into mass, so does the energy of thought resolve into things or experiences that occur in your life. So it is that managing your thoughts offers the opportunity for more control of the experiences and meaning of your life.