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Core values ethics counseling and therapy, and issues resolution with Malcolm Campbell.

Malcolm works with individuals in the following areas:

Identify Personal Values and Integrate Them Into Life
Who Am I and How to Match My Values
Resolving Issues You Face Every Day
Metaphysical and Spiritual Counseling

One of my early teachers said to me, “Show me a happy person and I’ll show you a significant spiritual achievement.” It took me years to understand that statement.

I’ve studied any number of spiritual models, some at depth and some casually, including three sects of Buddhism (there are thousands of sects!), Christian metaphysics, New Thought religions, and countless casual writings of different thinkers. I began to see that the essence of the teachings resolves to loving self. And that is where one finds real happiness and a sense of well-being.

Most of us have very limited images of ourselves; they developed as we were taught while growing up. Those limited images, or beliefs, constrain us from reaching an understanding of ourselves as the amazing, magnificent beings that every person is.

Spirituality is the work of moving in that direction, of learning to appreciate the value of the gift that is you.

Clients of The Art of Thought learn to connect with the deeper, inner self that is the beneficiary of all those teachings. That connection is where self-love happens, and a pathway to meaning in life.

See below (below the video and audio) for Malcolm's further discussion on his ethics and values counseling, as they integrate into the whole of your life. 

Malcolm Campbell - Spirituality

San Francisco metaphysical and spiritual counseling. San Francisco ethics and core value counseling. Serving all North Bay towns. 

Ethics and values are foundational to our personhood – representing who we are and how we project ourselves into the world. Internally, they comprise a weighty part of our conscience. Many of us as we grow older, or are catalyzed by events around us in the world, begin to seriously examine our ethics framework and core values. What are our personal values that we would never compromise? How do we more fully integrate those values and ethics into every facet of our personal lives? My ethics and core values counseling (advising) comes from my own journey through these questions (and many more related ones) and in working with hundreds of individuals seeking to be a truly ethical person practicing an essential set of values. I’ve been instrumental in hundreds of hours of dialog within the context of Art of Thought over practical and abstract measures of the ethical/value divide people experience as they mature. Metaphysical and spiritual counseling or advising is built on ethics and values, and extends, of course, far beyond them into all expressions of spiritual or metaphysical living, thinking and practicing. One of the great joys in my life is a serious, exploring, advising dialog with individuals over spiritual challenges, questions, pursuits and goals. San Francisco and north Bay metaphysical and spiritual counseling with Malcolm Campbell. Leading San Francisco ethics counseling therapy and core values exploration - and all North Bay locales.


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