Navigating changes and milestones in your life.

Process work is one of the most sought-after therapies of our time. Malcolm brings exceptional skills to process therapy due largely to his long experience with a wide range of clients. He works in person or remotely with clients to gain relief from trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and more. Most clients achieve their desired results in just a few hours of working together.

“I call the work we do together change work, because we are, in fact, managing and directing the outcome of change,” Malcolm says.

Gray divorce therapy is among Malcolm’s special expertise. He brings a rare depth of understanding to divorce issues for older men and women who are newly confronting the challenges of life witout a partner, usually along with major changes in financial and material stability.

Brief therapies or process work — changing emotional states and habits of thinking — will indeed change your life.



Personalized Counseling

 Malcolm’s introductory discussion of his many facets of work,
including divorce therapy (and gray divorce psychotherapy) offered in the Bay Area and nationwide.

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