"Leading cognitive psychotherapy, insight therapy Marin County with Malcolm Campbell - also Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco."

Most psychotherapy addresses a single issue, wanting to feel better. However complicated or difficult one’s circumstances may be, what is usually desired is to feel better.

The Art of Thought starts with that idea, that the objective of our work is for the client to feel better. Finding and resolving the obstacles to feeling good now, in the present, is the point. The work is direct, efficient and short-term.

Thoughts are where you interact with all of life. Thoughts dictate your feelings, your focus of attention, and your choices in nearly everything. Thoughts translate your dreams, fix your goals, and teach you from your successes and mistakes; they interpret and give meaning to all your experiences.

Managing your thoughts allows you to manage your life. The Art of Thought is about claiming and developing that self management, that self-sovereignty, that absolute authority over you own life.  And that always feels better.

Marin County Cognitive Psychotherapy and Process Work Therapist, NLP Therapy. All Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco served.

Cognitive psychotherapy in Marin County with Malcolm Campbell is exceptional, as many clients share: working with Malcolm is a journey into thinking, reflecting, changing, evolving and healing. His Art of Thought process work therapy brings decades of his life experience, psychotherapy and wise insight into the thinking dialog he has with individuals or couples who come to him. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques as used by Malcolm can unlock new perspectives that then catalyze new thinking and fresh, profound life narratives.

Alongside his process therapy, Malcolm utilizes Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to unfold understanding and cognizing of limitations that inhibit our most potent, balanced self. As a master NLP practitioner he can work closely with individuals at deep mind levels. Additionally, Malcolm is available for spiritual advising toward establishing core values and life-changing perceptions and practices. Marin county psychotherapy offices. Psychotherapy for San Francisco and all East Bay locales.

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