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Valuing the Second Half of Life

I’m excited about a new turn in my practice, toward clients who are in the second half of life.  The second half should absolutely be the best half, and I’m helping clients actualize this in their lives. Most people find that by their 50s a lot of struggle has settled, and life is on a
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Fear Keeps Us From Choice

  Today, much American thought and behavior is driven by fear.  Given the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the lengthy covid pandemic (two years and counting), the January 6th attack on our own national capitol, mass shootings (how many of those in the last two years), and alarming and fear-mongering political discourse, etc.  It only makes
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Living in the Moment

If you value creativity and productivity it’s important to learn to “live in the moment”.  Many philosophical traditions teach that living in the moment increases your awareness of what’s happening around you— and your ability to choose to relate to it or not — and being focused on whatever you choose makes life easier and
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Death Doulas Are Changing Our Culture

  The American way of death is going through some major changes.  The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the relatively unknown field of death doula may be leading the way to a more realistic and much more humane treatment of death. Time magazine recently published an article about the rising number of death doulas —people who
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Making Friends

My friend Enzo has high blood pressure and has had to confront all the scary possibilities it presents.  Medications have not helped to bring it down.  His doctor sent him home with instructions to use a blood pressure monitor and take his pressure daily.  He says he has really disliked having to do that at
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Do it Yourself Change Work

DO IT YOURSELF CHANGE WORK Self-criticism is a disabling energy that hinders creative thinking and reduces the quality of life.  Changing thoughts from how wrong you’ve been or how badly you performed to what is possible or what is right in this very moment causes a cascade of changes in the body’s chemistry, and changes
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Medicine and Metaphysics

As far back as the 1970s there were M.D.s working to integrate medicine and metaphysics.  Forty years ago I attended talks and workshops by M.D.s like Irving Oyle, Brugh Joy, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel and others, who were adamant that the American medical model was, at the very least, inadequate.   These outliers all included
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Ayurveda and Me

My Ayurveda doctor friend tells me in conversation that all ailments begin in the gut.  She makes a good, understandable case for it.  
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Unconditional Love

Virtually all spiritual or religious paths teach unconditional love. But everybody I know grew up experiencing love as conditional, with our parents generously expressing love for approved behaviors and clearly withholding it for disapproved ones. 
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Metaphysics: Another View

“It can be really hard to wrap your head around the idea that everything, everything in your life, is a reflection of your thinking.”
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About the Art of Thought

Thinking can seem a sometimes involuntary, mostly random experience, something that just happens as we go about our lives. 
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Thoughts on Aging

I’m sometimes tempted to believe that aging reduces me as person, that at age 80 I’m less of a person than I was when I was younger, more agile, physically stronger, and definitely better looking. 

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