Marin County midlife crisis psychology therapy treatment. Aging (growing older, counseling older adults) therapy. End of life, terminal illness therapy. Napa. Sonoma. San Francisco.

Malcolm works with individuals in the following areas:

Process Work
Gray Divorce (All Divorce Situations Also)
End of Life
Terminal Diseases
Mid Life Crisis For Men
Aging Challenges (Older Adults Counseling, Therapy)
Isolation and Loneliness

Malcolm sees most problems as difficulty in making desired changes. Either the client has difficulty in stopping an undesired behavior, or cannot seem to begin doing a preferred behavior.

Thoughts are behaviors. Feelings of inadequacy are behaviors. Feeling lonely, unhappy or continually distressed are common behaviors in our current pandemic environment. So are feelings of isolation and meaninglessness in life.

The work clients and I do together isn’t really psychotherapy. I call it change work, because what we are after is a change for the client that he/she has been unable to bring about alone. Changing habits of thinking and emotional states will change your life.

Marin County midlife crisis counseling and therapy - Malcolm brings many years of working with men undergoing a wide variety of midlife crisis at several different age ranges. For aging seniors therapy (counseling older adults), Malcolm is the leading psychotherapist in Marin, Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco. Please call Malcolm as soon as convenient, or use our Contact form on the Contact page.

See below (below the video and audio) for Malcolm's discussion on men's midlife crisis therapy and counseling - a specialty area he has much psychotherapy experience.

Malcolm Campbell - Psychotherapy

Marin County midlife crisis psychology treatment, aging psychotherapy, end of life and terminal illness counseling. Process work therapy, cognitive psychotherapy. Also Napa, Sonoma county, San Francisco.

Midlife crisis for men can be so compelling as to seem beyond overcoming - even after they really want to escape out of this particular life situation. An individual may evolve out of his mid life crisis on his own, yet many find putting behind these impulses difficult to do on their own. My midlife crisis psychology treatment utilizes my extensive experience in working with men in the throes of such crises – both in terms of men I’ve known well, and the many men I’ve counseled into a successful curtailing of these situations. Coming out of a midlife crisis is a change, and my Art of Thought process works directly with catalyzing your desire to change, or in working with your will to change. This is a gentle, insightful process steeped in my experience of therapy dialog and practical work individuals can do. This is part of my overall psychotherapy practice offered across the North Bay and in San Francisco.

Aging therapy (growing older) is another special practice I offer to individuals in the Bay Area looking for in-depth counseling on the aging process they’re undergoing and all the challenges, questions and fears this process entails. Aging (seniors) psychotherapy includes counseling services for those just entering retirement years and more aged seniors. End of life and terminal illness counseling for Marin, Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco. Malcolm Campbell offers enormously experienced expertise in helping women or men come to understanding and peace in the times of end of life and disease or illness that will lead to passing.

Leading Marin Napa Sonoma midlife crisis psychology therapy and aging psychotherapy - San Francisco also served.


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