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Process work therapy is among the most sought-after therapy of our times. In Marin, Sonoma Napa counties process therapy is part of many individuals or couples pursuit of healing and and more fulfilling life quality. Malcolm Campbell brings exceptional skills to process therapy due largely to accrued experience in helping individuals or couples and the deep body of knowledge he's cultivated and accruedHe works in person or remotely with clients to gain relief from anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties. Most clients gain relief in just a few hours.

Gray divorce therapy is among Malcolm’s special expertise. He brings a rare depth of understanding to divorce issues for older men and women. Gray divorce can be uniquely unsettling, disorienting, and disturbing, and Malcolm’s insight and perspective —derived from his long experience—can be extraordinarily catalyzing, helpful and healing. Malcolm's gray divorce therapy in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco comes from the wellspring of his many years of living in the north Bay and working with a great diversity of people facing very unsettling divorce situations and divorce aftermath. 

“I call the work we do together change work, because we are creating a change the client has been unable to bring about alone,”  Malcolm says.

Process work — changing emotional states and habits of thinking — will indeed change your life.  Please call today, or use the convenient form on the Contact page.

See below (below the video and audio) for Malcolm's introductory discussion of his many facets of work, including divorce therapy (and gray divorce psychotherapy) offered in the Bay Area and nationwide.

Successful divorce counseling therapy Marin, gray divorce counseling. Marin's most experienced process work therapist. Also serving Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Oakland.

Cognitive psychotherapy to process therapy to neuro linguistic programming forms and informs many facets of my practice. My therapy is based in a great range of immersive experience in these modalities. This means for you that I bring to each client personalized counseling following my Art of Thought dialog process that has proven itself over time with hundreds of individuals and couples.

Understanding and change has been catalyzed, transformations undergone and healing achieved. It is wonderful and gratifying to participate in.

Divorce counseling in Marin County or gray divorce therapy has become more commonplace here and around the greater Bay Area as people just divorced in their 40’s up through their 70’s or 80’s are seeking assistance in understanding and reconciling what has happened to their once-cherished marriages. Divorce is fraught with drama and trauma on many levels. Divorce (including gray) counseling in Marin, Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco and Oakland – I’m local and very familiar with the specific needs of people divorced and living in the Bay Area. As well, my process therapy is attuned to the experiential patterns of SF Bay Area individuals.


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