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You are an energy being.

There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.
-Albert Einstein

Metaphysics offers models for developing your own relationship to the world, to God or gods or the Universe.  This work is called spirituality.  It’s about your own direct and intimate connection, and it requires no intermediary.  Or you can choose to work with a church, and you’ll call the work religion.  Both spirituality and religion can add meaning to life.  When you intend spiritual or religious work to impact your daily life, it is called metaphysics, and allows the following: When scientists state that all things are made of energy, they are including you.  Like all other things, the physical you is subject to those laws that govern energy.  Most importantly, your vibratory frequencies are subject to the law of attraction, which is both your only real limitation and the basis for your unlimited creativity.


Metaphysics addresses what we know or believe but generally can’t measure.  Literally, it means about, but apart from, or separate from, physical.  Often considered a philosophy about first causes of creation, it is separated by most academics from the practical.   Today, western metaphysics is about the use and management of subtle energy (again, not generally measurable); it’s often presented as “practical spirituality”.  There are overlaps with organized religion, as in Buddhist practices intended to produce specific and physical results, or as in the New Thought religions (including Christian Science, Science of Mind, Unity, and others) and their focus on self-healing.  And it includes the effects of prayer, which have been abundantly documented .  Contemporary metaphysics seeks to understand and manipulate the workings of the universe through the focus of energy.  With the premise that all things, including thoughts and prayers, are energy, and that there is an observable universal behavior of energy referred to as the “law of attraction”, a path exists to managing events in one’s life.

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