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One of my early teachers said to me, “Show me a happy person and I’ll show you a significant spiritual achievement.” It took me years to understand that statement.

I’ve studied any number of spiritual models, some at depth and some casually, including three sects of Buddhism (there are thousands of sects!), Christian metaphysics, New Thought religions, and countless casual writings of different thinkers. I began to see that the essence of the teachings resolves to loving self. And that is where one finds real happiness.

Most of us have very limited images of ourselves; they developed as we were taught while growing up. Those limited images, or beliefs, constrain us from reaching an understanding of ourselves as the amazing, magnificent beings that every person is.

Spirituality is the work of moving in that direction, of learning to appreciate the value of the gift that is you.

Clients of The Art of Thought learn to connect with the deeper, inner self that is the beneficiary of all those teachings. That connection is where self-love happens, and a pathway to meaning in life.

See below (below the video and audio) for Malcolm's further thinking on bringing insight and practical counsel to each person's search for ethics and values integration into their lives, plus thoughts on spiritual and metaphysical counseling.

Malcolm Campbell - Spirituality

Marin County metaphysical / spiritual counseling. Leading ethics and values counseling Marin, Sonoma and Napa.

Our daily lives, from waking activities to sleep, one hundred percent involve our personal ethics and values. These are the measures of who we are in terms of internal thinking, decision-making and how we behave externally. This includes people relationships, animal relationships and our relationship with the local or global environment, ecologies and climate. Codes of ethics and core values are not necessarily tethered to spirituality or metaphysics. They can be and often are. Yet, even if a person is not religious or spiritual, their cognition and practice of ethics and values is important to them, and may now be more paramount. I work with many people at all ages and stages of ethical examination and values recognition. My Art of Thought dialog process can be a very powerful examining of a person’s conscience, of looking at the dualities of positive or negative living.  For people living in Marin, Napa or Sonoma I know ethics and values are prized, yet sometimes we lose our way and need helpful dialog and direction.

Marin County metaphysical or spiritual counseling is critically important to many people looking for perspectives, philosophies or practices that resonate with them. My work derives from my lifetime of pursuing what is the nature of reality and how can that reality be experienced. As mentioned above, I’ve studied and practiced many schools of metaphysics and spiritual paths. When I work with people pursuing a spiritual life or metaphysics quest, I serve as a dialog catalyst and guide, an advisor interested in bringing out the best perspective and insights that are a perfect fit for you. It is a two-way discussion and exploring, and is deeply enjoyable.

Ethics and value counseling, spiritual therapy and metaphysical advising for Marin, Napa, Sonoma, county  – please get in touch with me soon.


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